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Conjecture mostly. I measured up the Maelstrom-class in-game with an Intrepid-class. The visual comparison made sense to me; except for the saucer section which is more wider.
Cool, I thought it might be something like that. The ships in game are pretty consistent as far as scale goes, and the Intrepid has an actual, known length, which is nice for stuff like this.

Originally Posted by tuulof View Post
Correction. The crew compliment is 200, so the shuttlecraft and lifeboats are more than sufficient to ensure that all the ship's crew and visitors can safely evacuate.

The maximum capacity of the vessel during an emergency is 550. It would be a tragedy, if the ship were to rescue individuals from a small outpost or another ship, and then get itself destroyed too!
See, that's what I'm worried about. If they're rescuing people, that means they're already in an emergency situation. Who's to say the emergency won't overtake the Wallace?

I just bring up the point because you seem to be going very in depth and realistic, and it just seems a bit of a stretch that a ship's maximum emergency capacity wouldn't be able to be fully evacuated.
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