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06-27-2012, 09:41 AM
getting caught in the splash of the high yield plasma or high yield tricobalt device is part of the game!

against tactical cubes and such, I sometimes make attack runs on oblique angles so I can twist away from the splash a little quicker.

running high damage torpedoes is important. quantum and photon are the backbone, with plasma and tricobalt and hargh'peng as other core weapons for me. I swap out chroniton and transphasic in one slot as my mood changes.

getting to KHG gear is important, or running Breen with transphasics if you choose to run those & don't have KHG.

as for where to make an attack run... in pve, it's easier, I'm sure. the consideration is a mix of opportunity (exposed hull, weak shield facings) and risk. I also tend not to overrun, but it is situational.
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