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Originally Posted by rayezilla View Post
oooohhhh I totally missed that you were using 180 degree cannons! I guess my brain saw 'cannons' and said 'hurr he must mean DHC who uses anything else.' That's flat out brilliant! A 180 degree firing arc would make the ship way easier to manage.

Now, call me old fashioned but I like beam weapons, even though standard beam arrays are not optimal for DPS(in my humble opinion). cannons are sustained, but dual beam banks are burst, from what I've seen.

What do you think about a build that uses the double beam banks (so 90 arc), but utilizing the doffs that reduce the cooldown of Evasive Action to 48 seconds, effectively using it as a offensive ability to stay on target (one that happens to provide a decent defensive boost as well). My fleet admiral uses an oddy with this setup (DBB + evasive action doffs), and is both a fantastic tank and does surprisingly good PVE DPS.

Hakaishin: This is actually very similar to what I started with. The increase in per-hit damage is minimal to be honest, and while burst potential is slightly higher, you still sacrifice considerable overall DPS. This is better suited for PvE than PvP where maneuvering doesn't matter as much. 48 seconds is still a long time in PvP, and a lot can happen in that time. PvE it's fine, but still highly recommend the cannon setup for PvP.

Is this more effort than it's worth, and I should just settle with running cannons for maximum flexibility?

Hakaishin: It'd work, but again, far more useful in PvE than PvP due to the long cooldown of Evasives, even with supportive DOFFs.

Would standard beam arrays on the front and turrets on the rear lose even more DPS than the cannon setup?

The problem is not so much the weapon as the power drain. Power drain of beams is double that of cannons, if not more. You'd need to replace the Directed Energy Modulations for Emergency Power to Weapons just to maintain effectiveness, since batteries only go so far. This defeats the purpose, and lowers the effectiveness of the rear turrets as well. This also removes the benefit of Cannon Rapid Fire, and requires you to equip 2 different offensive BOFF abilities whereas 1 used to do the trick. It's counter-productive and far more of a headache than is necessary.
Answers in red, hope that helps.