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06-27-2012, 12:45 PM
Originally Posted by hakaishinlegion View Post
It works with the 2x EPtW without sacrificing power.

Honestly if you're forgoing the DBB, you would get higher DPS numbers with 2x DEM over 2x EPtW on a full cannon/turret setup.
I'm fairly skeptical that DEM would give you higher DPS (as far as I know, DEM only grants shield pen) but I'd have to try it out so I'll defer to your knowledge. It's also not possible to chain it for constant uptime.

If you want to stick with the DBB ---- and as I said, it is good for spike, which you lack in the Excel ---- swap the plasma resist out for an RCS. The Excel scales hard with turn rate, even past the point of diminishing returns (I ran two for a long time).