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Originally Posted by Flatfingers View Post
EBA: [W]e're looking to develop an economy that is deep but very much in the Trek genre. Gathering resources, inventing technology and understanding alien technology - and then trading those items and knowledge - will be the basis of the economy.

Resource gathering?

By Starfleet officers and doughty Klingon warriors?

If I am asked to put anything on my starship that could possibly be described as a "mining laser" I will sharpen pitchforks for the angry mob.

Assuming that Cryptic is not going to implement such an obvious "EVE clone" feature, how could resource gathering be implemented in a Star Trek manner?

For the Federation, agreeing to provide material resources could be required for Federation membership. I wouldn't at all be surprised to hear that member worlds are required to pay dues of some sort. Therefore, whenever you explore a new star system, make First Contact, and successfully persuade a planet to join the Federation, you're opening a new stream of resources back to the Federation for which you will constantly be credited (unless and until the system decides to leave the Federation for one reason or another, e.g. being conquered by the Klingons. There's the "indirect PvP" Craig was talking about.)

If a freshly-contacted FTL-capable civilization likes you but isn't ready to join just yet, you could still arrange a trade of some kind. They could agree to send a freighter full of refined dilithium (or something) Starfleet's way in exchange for valuable technology or information. This would be a one-shot resource boost to the Federation for which you would be credited.

In either case, the Federation's ideals of diplomacy and exploration would be fulfilled and would also have the effect of gathering resources in a manner for which players could be credited.

Things are considerably simpler for the Klingons. Replace "negotiate" with "conquer" and "trade" with "pillage" and you're most of the way there.

In any case, military starships from either faction should NEVER be filling their holds with commercial cargo. That is not the job of a starship, it is the job of a freighter. If a starship needs to get cargo from point A to point B, it should do so by escorting a freighter.