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Originally Posted by danqueller View Post
The problem I have encountered with Cannon builds is an inability to deal with more than one target at a time. This leaves the ship vunerable to swarm attacks such as fighters and mines, and can leave your cruiser unable to attract the attention of a number of enemy ships at once in fleet actions.

While that is the price of maximizing your single-target potential, I would recommend you swap out Overload for Fire At Will, to be used with your Dual Array. This would give you at least some multitarget capability.
A cruiser has nothing to worry about as far as mines and fighters are concerned. I fly right through them and ignore them. They do squat to me.

The ability for cannons to rip apart a single target over that of beams cannot be denied, and that is what wins PvP matches (which as I've mentioned on many occasions is the only meaningful metric, as if it works in PvP, it will by default be OP in PvE).

@Shimmerless - The fact is with a cannon build, I'm able to maintain near max weapon power anyway, without EPtW. That said, adding the DEMs for shield penetration does indeed add to the damage potential of a ship. Yes, it cannot be maintained 24/7, but the duration does more for the damage of the ship.

EPtW will grant me an extra 5-10 max sustainable weapon power. Whoopie. Tested, and I haven't even noticed the difference with cannons (but for beams, I admit it is absolutely vital).

With DEMs I'm able to push damage past annoyances like RSP, Extends, etc. It also contributes particularly in my Galaxy-X build in that it also affects my Lance, allowing a greater initial shock of that damage push past to the hull, permitting faster kills upon a decloak.

Not discounting your ideas, don't get me wrong. Simply playing devil's advocate given I've tested both with my personal build, and while I don't fly an Excelsior, I do have a wealth of cruiser pvp experience.