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06-27-2012, 12:10 PM

To Al Rivera:

Lockbox Loot:

I have an idea for an endless consumable. And this may be a nightmare. But I think it would be neat if we had items where people could slot the energy type and the modifiers onto weapons. I can see this being huge with a kit revamp.

I have some extra ideas on this. One involves the story crafting "first person duty officers" system I've discussed, which is a kind of reputation advancement system. This is the economical model for story advancement. It was suggested I forward my notes to you but I'm honestly reluctant to share all of it because part of it ties into some unpublished academic work I'm doing.

This actually ties in somewhat with a trait revamp too. It kills me that I can't figure out how to share this. It's monetizable. It's perfect for Trek but would be just MENTAL as an inclusion in, say, Champs. If you can respec traits, you can EARN them by revealing your character.

It's how you do secret identities. It's also a way to have more comic book-y stories in more distinct styles beyond just costuming entities.


I think it would be neat to have faction specific "shuttle freighters." These could have less functionality than the Tuffi (ie. no crafting, maybe a single extra transwarp ala a transwarp to Memory Alpha). Basically, these would be heavy, slow-turning "tank shuttles" with bank access inside.

Ship "away teams":

Were you at Cryptic on City of Heroes? You know their arena system?

I like the idea that a fleet admiral would have a resource pool for ships. Say a Connie is 500 points and a T6 ship is 2500 points. This would mean someone could choose between commanding a Connie with 4 BOffs on Connies or a single T6 ship. Or a Tier 5 ship and a Connie/Miranda/NX pet.

Ship Interior Travel:

Forget travel in sector space for now but this is how you do exploration. You do ship interior travel for exploration.

Get rid of the box. Have DOff assignments fold into cluster missions. The cluster is outside the ship window. You do DOff assignments from your ship interior with a cluster appropriate skybox outside. You get a related cluster mission load, transitioning from ship interior to entering the exploration system.