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Originally Posted by mustrumridcully0 View Post
I can no longer fly healing Cruisers. I thought I was doing okay once. But these days, when I play with a Cruiser, I suck. :frown:
ive found that im incapable of focusing more on the team mates that need heals then i am on killing this guy im shooting at, guess thats why i resign myself to playing what im flying as tactically as possible, and why i haven't touched my engineers in months. i still through about 5 times the number of heals then the majority of pub mates though.

i sort oh hate that killing and healing are of equal importance in this game, this is the 1 mmo that doesn't have magic in it that can explain everything, star ships healing as effectively as they can damage is absurd, and an affront to the ip.

nothing around here seems more sacred then the team. glory to the team, which is what mmo game play is about, and those who are loners are playing wrong.

nah, i like loose teams fine, i just don't like that healing is as as good, more powerful, and more impotent in a match, then killing the enemy. it makes a talented team invincible, you cant even chink their armor unless you bring an equally good team.

teems shouldn't be able to give hit points faster then the enemy can take them away, instead of giving hitpoints they should only give resistance, it should be up to the player to repair his own ship.
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