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I personally am going to be running a 2x quantum (with 3x projectile doffs), 2x DC 4x turret tetryon boat. But in general, here are some questions I have, for anyone with ACTUAL KNOWLEDGE meaning experience or parsed DPS data.

1) CRF III or AP: O III. You can't use AP: O as often, so I am leaning towards CRF III.

2) if I do CRF III and CRF II, on the Armitage, that means I can't run this a mistake? I usually like to run with both AP:B and AP:O. So does this mean I should go for CRF III + CRF I? then AP:B I and AP:O I.

3) Do I go with 2x Tac Teams and 1x HYT I and a HYT II (only doable without either beta or omega), or do I go with 1x tac team (with doffs) and 2x HYT I, etc.

Any permutation of the above questions. Basically, what the hell is the optimum setup? It's overwhelming me.