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Hope a moderator will move this thread.

It really depends on what you want to do with the Starfleet HQ? How many rooms do you need? How much of your mission will be set there? Do you plan story, exploration, combat or a mixture of all three?

I'd definitely suggest skipping the outside - that would be hard to build realistically.

For the inside you could build a complete custom map, which would give you the most freedom. But that will need some time and patience. There is also one empty Starfleet interior map with three connected rooms that could be converted into something HQ-like.

Personally, I would probably not use Utopia Planitia. The map is full of props and most players will recognize it instantly, which could be immersion-breaking for many.
Yeah I did some testing UP has its logo everywhere so it doesn't work so well
When I have more time I'll run through the Fed interiors, see if anything fits.

It's a mostly combat map, but with chunks of dialogue, one of them very important for the mission as it explains where its title comes from