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Originally Posted by danqueller View Post
I'm afraid I have to disagree with your statement. What works in PVP does -not- always work in PVE. The PVP situation is rarely one where the player is swapped by enemy targets, and most often, a player in PVP is solo. In PVE, a player -can- find themselves overwhelmed by enemy numbers, and often has to work as part of a team in the upper-level PVE encounters. I've personally seen players fail a PVE encounter because they could not attract the attention of three enemy groups on different bearings simutaneously, and lost an objective because of that.

So PVP is not the only meaningful metric, unless all you do is PVP. In that case, I can see how PVE play would not factor into your calculations. However, even in PVP, there are occasions where you want to damage multiple targets at the same time. Builds that specialize in single-target attack, such as cannon builds, cannot do so, and it is a limitation that has to be kept in mind when flying such a ship. This is especially true in a Cruiser, which is built to take as much enemy fire from as many targets as possible, and not for damage output.

Still, it's the commanding officer's decision how to use their ship. People can take my advice or leave it. The results of their missions will verify if their decisions were the right ones.
There is no one ship fit for every role. My ship is built to eliminate single-targets. I'll leave the rest to the 8 beam FAW boats, that's their job.

The key to a successful player, whether PvE or PvP, is to play to their strengths, not try to generalize every role and hope for the best. This is why no ship is successful equipping more than 2 types of weapons (the rare occasion of 3 has worked in the past, but again, this is VERY rare and still fits into 1 role).

That said, if you're building yourself to deal with multiple targets, spam, etc... have at it. That's your specified role.

If you want single-target control, then that too is a valid role to spend resources.

But the moment you try to generalize, to try to deal with "every contingency" is the moment you fail. That's why we have teams.

Just my $0.02 on the matter... Don't expect to fill both roles and be seen as a threat by your enemy.