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06-27-2012, 03:30 PM
Originally Posted by rayezilla View Post
so a DBB setup would be great for PVE, that makes sense, but for PVP the cannons are ideal. Got it! I'll just get a beam tac boff/doff set and a cannon tac boff/doff set.

What do you think about directed energy modulation in PVE?
That's actually what I do. I have different Doff/Boff setups for different situations. Either way, my skill point tree is the same whether using cannons or beams, so that's all I need to change.

Directed Energy Modulation is still very usable in PvE, particularly against cubes, tac cubes, and bosses. However, if you're using beams, you desperately need to keep your weapon power up following the drain, and EPtW becomes necessary. This is not an issue with cannons, so if using them for PvE you'll find yourself able to use DEM without an issue.

Just depends on which weapon loadout you're running.

I find greater use with cannons overall in PvE and PvP as a Tactical, however an Engineer or Science Gal-X would be far more beneficial using the aforementioned beam layout, likely in both arenas.