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06-27-2012, 05:36 PM
Originally Posted by alastorforthrigh View Post
you know pointedears. I'm part of this community. and I was upset. But you know what I did? I stopped, I turned on my mind, and I thought about it not from a "OMG I"M A PLAYER AND ANGRY" standpoint, but as a person who is studying in the IT field and has taken business courses. And came to understand the reasons why they did things and why they did them the way they did. Doesn't make it better. But it really doesn't help to be all up in arms about it. It's done. move on. Staying focused on it only makes you bitter and doesn't help things get any better.

Worded differently, this is the same "don't like it, leave!" mentality that constantly tries to silence disagreement.

Paying customers have every right to voice their displeasure to the company that provided the item/service. When I get an empty can of soda in a 12 pack, I don't just "shut up and deal with it.", I call or write the company. Guess what usually happens when a company cares about it's customers... I get coupons for 1,2, sometimes 3 12 packs of soda. Sometimes they even take that opportunity to make me a loyal purchaser of another item they sell by giving me a free coupon for it.

Silence doesn't provide the feedback that makes positive changes. You want to disagree with my feedback fine, but if you just want to silence me, good luck!