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Originally Posted by zorbane View Post
Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it.

I'll start thinking about optional dialogue especially on the Koval

I have a question regarding the suggestion about using [NickName] vs [LastName].

I had used NickName because I wanted to make sure the player's "Display Name" for a lack of a better term was the one being used. For example if the player was human, the dialogue should be "Captain Picard" (Jean-Luc Picard) while if the player was Bajoran the dialogue would be "Colonel Kira" (Kira Nerys).

That was my reasoning for it anyways.

What showed up for you?
My [NickName], which is "Ben" for the character I reviewed the mission with. I called that because in some cases that might work if it is a trusted BOFF who accompanies the Captain on many away missions but in general I would warn against it. The reason is it can be unduly familiar from a military perspective. That would be the retired U.S. Navy Chief in me that feels that way. If the NPC has just met my character for the first time it might be odd to call them by their [NickName] as well.

I hope that helps. :smile:
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