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Originally Posted by OddjobXL View Post
Breach, think about how much work it would be to write dialogue for each mission for very possible personality type, or race for that matter including ones that haven't been invented yet, one might find on a bridge crew in each possible combination. Light some incense. Meditate with me. Ommmmmmm.


She's stuck with writing one size fits all dialogue for situations when it comes to crew. It'll be up to us to reimagine it a bit as our NPCs might actually say it in their own way.

What I really want to know more about, now, are Duty Missions. Will they cause our crew to interact with us in the same way (if with less, of course, mission specific detail)? How do they differ from Episodic missions aside from the element of randomization?
It would be a lot of work, but it's doable. Bioware has a much, much, much larger task in front of them with all the various companions for all the various classes for both factions and all the dialogue options the player can engage with their companions. Not to mention in writing unique quests for the various classes, etc.

Here we're looking at only a handful of personality types. Aggressive, by the book, sarcastic, condescending, adventurous, etc. And it wouldn't have unique content, it would be the same content only conveyed in a different way. Having monotonous, one-size-fits-all dialogue seems unfeasible. Instead of getting dialogue that all players can interpret their own way, it seems more likely that you're just going to be get blatantly automated messages with no personality at all. It was already mentioned that we wouldn't be sitting down and chatting it up with our Number One. Dialogue seems limited to saying status alerts and providing advice. If you want to roleplay with a bridge officer that you view as a shy pacifist and he gives the monotonous suggestion of destroying the enemy, you've already run into problems, even if the dialogue is monotonous. If Cryptic says, "no, this individual IS aggressive and he WILL suggest aggressive courses of action" then there isn't a contradiction.

I think the only character players should be able to control 100% is the Captain. You can play them however you want. If you want to be cocky, aggressive, shy, adventurous, joyous, boastful, etc. conveying those behaviors is as simple as typing in the appropriate words into the text box yourself. That Cryptic is trying to cater to players by trying to anticipate how they want to roleplay with the bridge crew that they do not speak through, that sounds like it's more likely to fail than succeed.