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06-27-2012, 05:31 PM
Originally Posted by rayezilla View Post
hmm, ok, so maybe I should set up not only a tac off for beam/cannon skills, but also two eng boffs, one with DEM and one with EPTW. Great advice, I sorely appreciate it. If you're looking for a fleet, the Reddit fleet at has been really impressive.

What are you using for DOffs? Right now I'm using 3 of the new beam cd doff, the 10% battery boost doff (shield batteries are so good with him), and a warp core engineer. I should note that I am an eng, not a tac.
Thank you for the kind offer. I will keep it in mind should SOB not work out for any reason.

For DOFFs, I prefer 3x shield distribution officers and 2x cannon officers for the cannon build, swapping the latter two for 2x Emergency Power officers (given you're running 2x EPtS and 2x EPtW continuously, they help).