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Originally Posted by obiwonko1 View Post
As DPS is an issue on science ships I would give it a universal console that would act as a extra weapons slot using the deflector in some capacity. I love the Nova class in general if science class had a bit more bite in the dps category they could be more useful in stfs rather then to just stop moving nanite spheres and probe control.
It would be nice to have something like what they tried in The Best of Both Worlds: Fire a giant, super powerful phaser beam from the deflector dish. Like most deflector dish abilities, it would have a 90 degree firing arc, and be based off your axillary power level, and be a straight up damage ability.

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the Equinox from Voyager could drop its shields for about 30-45 seconds, and completely remodulate them and bring them back up. so something like that

so you could drop you shields for say 4 seconds completely and when they come back online you get max shields with high regen and damage resistance for say 15seconds?

Sort of like the Ablative Armour, only for shields. would give you a chance to plow through an enemy group and out the other side to draw their attn.
This is something I've always thought would be nice to have. High risk, but if it replenishes your shield entirely or almost entirely, the reward is also extremely high.