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06-27-2012, 06:47 PM
The only uses I've ever seen for Ramming speed and abandon ship were a loooong time ago.

It used to be great fun to grief ESD in the spawn area. (ramming to activate red alert, then abandon). One breach alone, didn't do much, but get some friends together and coordinate them... lol. Good times.

The other, was back when you could inflict MASSIVE damage to the crystalline entity with Ramming Speed in a cruiser. Used to be the general strategy to coordinate all the cruisers to do ramming runs :tongue:

Not much fun anymore.
Some others I find on the lower end of the useful list (I'm talking PvE):
Jam Sensors seems pretty useless to me nowadays, since inflicting a certain amount of damage to the afflicted enemy, cancels it. Used to be extremely useful tho.
Same with Energy Siphon, back when one could rotate them. Now, especially with everything seeming to having moderate resist to energy drain, it's just so-so.
Scramble sensors and Feedback pulse too. Just lack any real utility.
And dispersal patterns. Heck, mines in general, lol
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