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Originally Posted by raptor63549 View Post
It would be nice to have something like what they tried in The Best of Both Worlds: Fire a giant, super powerful phaser beam from the deflector dish. Like most deflector dish abilities, it would have a 90 degree firing arc, and be based off your axillary power level, and be a straight up damage ability.

The problem there, again, is that something like that feels more like a galaxy console than something the Nova would have.

Humm, how about something using space gasses? Granted, that was more spectacularly used by Riker in Insurrection, but Ransom was known for hiding in atmo. Perhaps a fly by to dump a gas on a ship that makes it take a lot higher damage until it can clear the debuff? Or conversely degrades accuracy or makes torps/mines blow up prematurely?

Honestly though, at this point I'd buy a T5 Nova even if it had the exact same stats as the Luna and never switch back to anything else.