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Starfleet Experimentation

Faction: Federation

Level Requirement: None

Description: You have been asked to ferry a new scientific discovery from the U.S.S. Toledo, a ship in the Pi Canis Sector Block, back to Memory Alpha. However things take a turn for the worse when the U.S.S. Toledo mysteriously explodes. What does the substance have to do with the destruction and can you prevent the same fate from befalling your own ship?

A Non-combat mission of scientific discovery and puzzles.


Originally Posted by Evil70th
Summary: This is a great investigative mission. The map design is good. The story dialog very well written and intriguing. The lack of battles of any kind is made up for in the dialog itself. I again did not note the words "energize" versus "energise" and "analyze versus analyse" understanding the difference between UK English and American English. I would highly recommend this mission to anyone who likes a good investigative mission combined with good map design and puzzles.
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