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Hidden Intelligence

Faction: Federation

Level Requirement: None

Description: After the events of Starfleet Experimentation a Physical Sciences Researcher on Memory Alpha needs your help. Having discovered the unknown substance, found by Lieutenant Jones and the crew of the destroyed U.S.S. Toledo, has at least a minimal degree of intelligence. She needs you to find as much about the substance as you can. Can you find more samples of this unknown substance and discover the truth about it's hidden origins?

A non-combat complex puzzle mission that continues the story of 'Space poo' aka Bob.


This is a really great investigative mission. The map design is very well done. The dialog is good and this mission is a great sequel to the "Starfleet Experimentation" mission. There is no combat at all which Bazag clearly states in the description. I would highly recommend the mission to anyone who likes a good story combined with great map design.
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