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# 1 extend shield bubble
06-27-2012, 11:58 PM
extend shield revamp. This buff would expand your shield bubble large enough so that other team players can get inside. This buff would protect any friendly ship inside the shield bubble with the extenders shield cap,buffs etc. It would have a range of 5km have a lasting time of 30 seconds and have a recharge time of 60 seconds. For balance because your spreading out your shields energy this results in a weaker shield bubble= -25% shield cap. Epts and tss could slightly make that percentage go down because they are giving more power to your shield. THIS IS CANON they have done it in voyager 2 times one time when voyager was stuck in a void with other ships and when voyager found that other fed ship in the delta quad that was harvesting aliens to make them warp faster.

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