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The Mysteries of Pon Farr

Faction: Federation

Level Requirement: 16+

Description: Things are not all right in Vulcan. It seems couples in the throw of Pon Farr are going missing and Elder Sardek needs your help. Will you able to uncover the truth about a Romulan conspiracy without becoming it's next victim?

A story-driven combat and puzzle mission that forces you to act fast and think faster.


Originally Posted by Evil70th
A great mission! Highly recommended! Really well written and you did a great job developing the story. I liked the map design with a few suggested changes as listed below. The dialog was well written and executed with the exception of what’s noted below. I know there are some players who do not like a lot of dialog. I on the other hand do like a good story that will draw me in and make me want to go on.
As for the spelling errors I found in some areas I think some of those are the difference between American English and the Kings English, for example the use of “s” instead of “z” in “Mobilise”. So I don’t think those will be that big a deal.
Thanks for authoring, you did a great job and I look forward to playing more of your missions.
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