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Enemies of the Empire

Faction: Klingon

Level Requirement: 16+

Description: A small Klingon colony world has been attacked by unknown assailants from orbit. You have been tasked to find out which enemies of the Klingon empire are responsible for the attack and make them pay.

A story-driven ground and space combat mission.


Enemies of the Empire

Originally Posted by Evil70th
This is a good mission with great map design and dialog. The battles are tough but glorious. The mission does start out a little slow but it picks up once you leave the colony. The colony attack is a good bridge but you should consider getting rid of the arena interactions and perhaps add some residual Hirogen squads to be engaged. Then you could use that as the clue to those who attacked the colony. I would definitely recommend this mission to anyone who loves a great story along with tough but glorious battles and well designed maps.
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