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More Than Just Missing

Faction: Federation

Level Requirement: 31+

Description: Vice Admiral Talar Bazran and the entire crew of the U.S.S. Bazalope-D have gone missing. Their last report to Starfleet Command had them in the Elwing System having stumbled across a Jem'hadar Attack Ship from the Dominion War. Command is worried and they need you to find the Vice Admiral, his ship and his discovery and if necessary prevent it from falling into enemy hands. Things however are far more complicated as you stumble into an alternate reality. You and the Vice Admiral will need to work together if you are to find a way to not only return back to your own reality but also to survive.

A story-driven mission of combat and SCIENCE!


This is a great mission. The map design is excellent. The story dialog is good and the battles are tough but fun. I would highly recommend this mission to anyone who likes great story dialog with good map design and a mix of good tough battles. You did a great job on this mission including the branching dialog.
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