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06-28-2012, 12:37 AM
I think the KASE that was failed pretty quickly because one guy popped one cube after another then used repulsors to actually push the probes INTO the vortex then called the rest of us noobs for not having the DPS to kill the probes before he could push them in.

it only runs 2nd to the guy in ISE who when we went left for gens he went right and popped a gen overthere got killed and sat cloaked at the entrance need rolling on every drop.

and finally #3 on the list was the IGE guy who kept running into the next room fouling up the optional and would only equip a lirpa as a weapon but did no good because he wouldnt even hit anything with it just kept pulling more drones and dying.

of course the classic CSE pugs where you look around and you are the only one not guarding the kang and they still let it die because some tac in a cruiser thinks sitting on top of the kang and popping off fire at will is a viable strategy for defending the kang.

this game really needs a way to kick a troll or griefer from your group.