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06-28-2012, 03:07 AM
They could actually make it a pretty effective little ship by doing something similiar to what they did with the Armitage and Atrox - give it a dual-role.

Namely, keep it a Science ship, but give it a few escort leanings. The Nova class shape was, in soft canon, a testbed for what became the Defiant class after all.

Therefore, allow it to, for example, equip cannons*. It's turn-rate is only one point less than the Fleet escort and Advanced Escort (both have a TR of 15, the Nova has a TR of 14), so it is certainly nimble enough to make good use of cannons.

And as I said, I do think that they could give it a Waverider pet (link as per my previous post) and perhaps give that a similar ability to the Stalker fighters - allow it to remain, basically, undetectable, and throw a science ablility at the enemy ship(s).

* - possibly not dual heavy cannons though; would probably be a little overkill...

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