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# 1 Odyssey Consoles - Worth It?
06-28-2012, 05:01 AM
I've been wrestling with the question of just what to do with the Odyssey console set. My favorite one - and the one I'd love to just turn on permanently - is the saucer separation. The Work Bees are somewhat useful, though, and the Aquarius can be a bit helpful when the crew isn't trying to kill themselves. Plus the stat boosts are pretty nice, and most importantly the shorter cool down is very helpful.

However, in the face of not having a whole lot of room left in my console slots, and the fact that I'd like to get an Assimilated Console soon, I'd like to know what people's thoughts are on using the set. Is it worth skipping the Assimilated Console and taking the somewhat-underperforming Borg shield system in exchange for the console set boosts? Or should I knock something else out to make room for the Borg console, and if so, what?

I am, for reference, using a tactical and engineering captain with similar setups for their consoles. The tactical captain's ship is basically two Neutronium XI blues, two field generators, three antimatter mag regulators XI blue, and the Odyssey set, on an Odyssey tactical cruiser. My specs and rotation of emergency power abilities ensure I have 125 weapon power almost constantly. I like the tac to be fairly tanky and I like the eng to have a bit more punch to his hits, and I think I've done a fairly decent job with that.

Thanks for any thoughts you can provide!