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06-28-2012, 07:19 AM
Originally Posted by hakaishinlegion View Post
Even if it were possible, I can't say I'd do it.

The Galaxy-X's greatest strength is its ability to instantaneously remove any target from play in PvP. Saucer Sep would dramatically weaken the Lance by what they were talking about, making it an AoE weapon instead of a concentrated burst.

Even if this became possible, I'd never use it.

No point for an AoE shotgun (it's no longer a lance). Damage would need to be equal or superior to 2x FAW3's all concentrated into 1 blast to even be viable (which we all know Cryptic won't do).

It becomes completely meaningless, and you remove the Galaxy-X's primary and greatest strength at the cost of a console slot.

If you're actually giving serious consideration to this, then at the risk of being rude in pointing out the obvious truth, you have failed to use the Galaxy-X properly to date.
I agree. If they are going to separate the sauser on the Galaxy-X, they better make the sauser use cannons as well as the phaser beams, and I would be very angry if separation cost me another console slot.