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06-28-2012, 07:41 AM
Originally Posted by kvet View Post
The mid-June myth again? They pushed that back officially a long time ago. It's only been on Tribble for about a week -- I'd say it's more likely to be early to mid-July. And, my understanding is that the exchange rate from USD > CP is the same as Zen > CP and that rate has been the same always, so "... are we gonna continue to pay more..." is sort of like asking if humans are going to have to breath oxygen now... doesn't make a lot of sense.

The question about the forum name though, would LOVE to know the answer to that one! Also, when will STO fleets and characters be tied into our profiles?
Actually the exchange rate from USD>ZEN>CP hasn't been equal in the time that I've been playing. When converting your purchased ZEN, their would be a "conversion fee" I suppose, 2000 ZEN would only amount to 1400 CP or something like that. That's close to 5USD that you're being ripped off. If they're making the exchange rate 100% equal now, well I'll be pissed for not waiting but happy to know that in the future if I do buy ZEN, it'll be at an even rate.