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Originally Posted by darkknigt88 View Post
Actually the exchange rate from USD>ZEN>CP hasn't been equal in the time that I've been playing. When converting your purchased ZEN, their would be a "conversion fee" I suppose, 2000 ZEN would only amount to 1400 CP or something like that. That's close to 5USD that you're being ripped off. If they're making the exchange rate 100% equal now, well I'll be pissed for not waiting but happy to know that in the future if I do buy ZEN, it'll be at an even rate.
I have to disagree with you.

$62.50 = 5,000 CP This equates to $1 = 80 CP

$50 = 5,000 ZEN This equates to $1 = 100 ZEN

The conversion rate from ZEN to CP is 100 ZEN to 80 CP. Therefore it's exactly the same.

One thing I have noted is that if you pay by certain payment methods and you buy 5,000 ZEN, you get an 300 ZEN thrown in. If you do the math, that means you can get $1 for 84.8 CP.

Yes, I know that it's not an earth-shatteringly large amount, but at least you're getting something extra (NEVER complain when you get extra for free), and it beats a kick in the teeth.