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Originally Posted by atrus19 View Post
Well now that these new energy weapon doffs are out, the cannon build for the Excelsior is looking even more tasty! I recently switched back to it, and I love it!

Currently my build is:


[All Antiproton]

1x Mk XII purple [Borg] DBB
3x Mk XII purple [Borg] SINGLE cannons

4x Mk XII purple [Borg] turrets

Doffs: 2x Tac Team (aiming for purple eventually); 3x Energy weapon - cannon (Purple not AS important, but still want to get them) (3x of these gives you just under 50% chance for a trigger, around 48.8% chance);

Tac Lt. Cmdr: Tac Team I; CRF I; BO III;

So let me understand this right, your ship is cannon/turret heavy and your Lt. Commander Tac' slot is BOIII? While I understand you want spike damage, why not have BO II and CRFII? Youre making the least amount of use of your ships weapons the majority of the time. I would actually sugest having two types of CRF slotted so you can make the most use of you cannon/turrets as much as poosible, your cycle time of those skills right now arent very helpful.