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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
What do you see as the primary purpose(s) behind introducing new Duty officer species?

I'm not asking to discourage the brainstorming here - it may, in fact, come in quite handy. But I'd like to get a more solid understanding as to why more species variation is being requested.

* Are there shortcomings in the current system that new species can address?
* Are there new mechanics you'd like to see pursued that new species would allow for?
* Is it just a roleplay / immersion thing?

On the subject of new traits:
We found, from the introduction of Resolve doffs, that introducing new Traits is not a design choice that has long-term sustainability. While it still may be something we introduce in the future, we have to be sure that the amount of dev time that goes into ensuring the new Trait's viability is worth the investment. Hundreds and hundreds of work hours went into introducing Resolve and giving it a purpose, while also addressing economic and systemic balance concerns that it introduced. It's not something that we've completely ruled out, but it is unlikely that we will do something that like with any form of frequency.
New species: I personally see it as a way to get more interaction or visibility of races we've only heard of or seen briefly in the shows. Makeup and CGI can only go so far on the budget of television - with STO, you have the opportunity to make ANY race, and make them actually last for longer than one episode. Additionally, if we can't play as certain species, we can at least have them on our crew.

Plus, some species we've only heard about are pretty cool sounding - Gallamites have transparent skulls. Who wouldn't want to see that?

As far as Hortas go: they're a sentient species from a classic and beloved episode, and haven't been represented well in the game. By "well", I don't mean that they haven't been represented (because they have), I mean they should be represented as actual crewmembers, not disposable pets we send into combat.

New traits: was it such a big deal to make resolve because you made new DOff missions that required it specifically? Would adding new traits just as regular, run-of-the-mill "might or might not add to critical success" modifiers be as big a thing?
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