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06-28-2012, 09:53 AM
Wouldn't mind seeing more prominence of the Xindi (and their sub-species) to be honest.

Of the 5 living (as of 2152) sub-species, i'd see the following:

Xindi Aquatic: Neutral (both factions)
Xindi Arboreal: Friendly towards Federation
Xindi Humanoid: Friendly towards Federation
Xindi Insectoid: Friendly towards KDF
Xindi Reptilian: Friendly towards KDF

Also wouldn't mind seeing their ships make appearances in the game. After all, by the 26th Century (100-200 years post-STO), Xindi are supposed to be a part of Starfleet. We have no idea how long they were in Starfleet. Xindi Aquatic ships were total bada$$ in the series.

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