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Originally Posted by broadnax View Post
Agreed, especially since when I alt-tab out of STO it's hit or miss as to whether I can get back in or if I'll just end up with a small black screen and have to kill the session.

Also, tying the browser part in with cookies is just bad. Those of us who practice "safe computing" regularly delete temporary internet files, which includes cookies. That means any time we clean house, we'll have to generate yet another email with a code.

If we have to do this to just log into the game itself, it will become very old very quickly.

Question: For game login, will this process only affect the initial login for a game session or will it kick in whenever we log out one character and bring in another? I do this quite a bit when doing Duty Officer missions.

I have this issue CONSTANTLY with my banks and have to reverify at least once a week.

This may or may not be a related issue but I will just throw this out since some of you seem informed.....

I run a blocking program a good deal of the time. I have to turn it off when I play ANY game. Except STO. Any other game the launcher wont even connect with it running. Game play is impossible. If I turn it on while in game the game disconnects. But not STO. Launcher works and game plays just fine with little to no lag. I have always wondered what was so special about STO that made it oblivious to security features that bigger name games cant get around.