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Im still trying to figure out why in game the home system called the Sol system (acronym for Solar no doubt) when a plethora of times in canon it was referred to as the "Terran System".
This is one reason I have never liked the use of Solar System as opposed to Star System.

I believe the latin name for Sun is Sol. Either way astronomically our Sun is recognized as Sol. Thus the System is known as the Sol System. Most Star systems in Star Trek I believe follow this suit (Memory Alpha even refers to Earth as sometimes being called "Sol III". Vulcan is named for the Star rather then the Species (Though though in their case they are the same). Likewise Bajor Is in reference to the star system with Bajor III being the homeword of the Bajoran People.

As for the "Solar System" my understanding is before the advent of Science Fiction and the idea of other planetary bodies around other stars, it was in reference to Sol aka The Sun. So it was meant as a direct reference to OUR system. Which is why I have never liked the term "Solar System" being used outside our own.