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Originally Posted by iampulsar View Post
Build looks Ok I guess, but to be honest, from your videos it just looks like your taking out unorganised pug teams. - This is simple and requires very little skill at all.

Having watched every video you put up ive come to the conclusion that, the alpha strike with lance will ko most people if it crits right, after that you dont do much dps at all. I didnt see much focus fire on you, so am not sure how well you tank either. My guess is against a well versed pvp fleet you would not do so well due to lack of mobility and no real dps without everything coming back off cooldown Also sticking out like a sore thumb would make you primary target against good teams.

On the other hand, thanks for the videos, some good viewing!
Something you don't know about 12th Fleet - 500 people.

EVERY 12th group is a PuG group. There is no such thing as a 12th Fleet premade.

That said, it is PuG vs PuG almost every time. Most of those matches I'm not even in TeamSpeak, just shooting at whatever looks like a decent target.

But yes, I do go up against experienced premades. I had 20 videos on that channel, 12th Fleet administration asked that several of them be taken down (some of them my more epic fights).

One of my former beefs with 12th, and one of the reasons I'm no longer with them.

I'll be reuploading these videos by the weekend's end on my personal channel.

Alpha Strike non-crit on a decloak will kill most targets. The crit will kill ALL targets... important distinction. Non-crit averages over (usually 26k per 2 shot burst) for 50k hull damage, crit averages over 100k total.

Aside from that, the DPS of the cannons/turrets is actually very high. I apologize you overlooked the final numbers in most of the matches. If you read, I am either the top damage dealer, or very close to it. Aside from that, I've made many solo kills in there without my lance, just secondary weapons fire, almost every time without team assistance. I apologize you missed those as well.

For tanking, I am not a dedicated tank/healer. I don't build for that. I can do it (as my videos have indeed shown me as the focus target on several occasions), but I fight as a shark, not a hulking stationary target.

Nevertheless, as aforementioned, the better matches that 12th decided were "offensive" I'll be reposting soon. This will allow you to see how the ship performs against more seasoned premades (even when 12th doesn't have a premade itself).