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06-28-2012, 12:11 PM
Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
In order to link accounts, you will have to have a PW account.

Many (most) people, take their usual @handle/forum name/current login, and use that as their new PW name/login as well.

The problem is that since PW doesn't let you set your display name (what we actually see in the forum) to be the same as your login name (for security I assume), if you make a PW account using your old Cryptic login, you've now locked yourself out of using that name as your display name.

Instead, if you haven't linked yet, when you go to set up your PW account, make your account name something different than what you've been using. Then, set your DISPLAY NAME to your old Cryptic account name/@handle/forum name, then link.

That should preserve your forum name.

Hope that's helpful. Sorry to those that screwed up (myself included)

THIS is why it would have been nice to have a "head's up" and a FAQ to guide us through to minimize identity changes. I lost the display name that matches my in-game @handle. I was shocked at the way this PWE Forum Change was handled. I know we in the forums whine A LOT and can be very critical, but the fact there was no warning was simply shocking.

I am not so mad about that as much as I want in-game mail to again be available via the site and the friends list back so I can take breaks at work and communicate via E-Mail and see who is logged on when I am not able to be in game. Site Mail is best for batch deleting of E-Mail AND allows E-Mails with more than a measly 2048 characters, which is important when sending out a Fleet Mission, Vision, and Values E-Mail to new recruits - as well as E-Mail reply visibility and copy and paste functionality.

Please consider restoring these valuable tools as soon as feasibly possible or acknowledge the plan to do so.