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06-28-2012, 01:20 PM
Originally Posted by mikec1013 View Post
Hmm... Written like that it makes sense. Damn it! I'd rather get an empty than a lock box.. the end result is still the same. Well sort of. The F. lock boxes got me blocked by a certain community moderator. He got sick of me spamming his inbox with lock boxes. Although he was smart enough not to call them spam, but we all know what he meant. I'm surprised he doesn't have a master Master Key or unlimited C points or dilithium to convert. No perks for the higher ups? Or did you get the Neverwinter closed beta option too?
I keep a couple stacks in the bank, that way when the next ockbox sale ends, and the supply dissapears, i can sell then for a nice sum of money. nt a ton, but a few hundred thousand EC isnt bad.