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Originally Posted by peregrine0falcon View Post
And the ten IP address limit in no way makes an account more secure, but it does present a significant risk of permanently locking a paying customer out of their game account if they move or even if their ISP simply changes their dynamic IP address range.
Nope; you can delete obsolete entries. That eliminates that concern. Edit: actually, it rotates off the oldest; that completely eliminates this concern, unless you've logged on from 10 IPs recently that are no longer under your control *AND* lost your email address. If that happens, you're a serious edge case, and CS can deal with you.

This is a good solution. Keyfobs are better, but they're more expensive. This solution will improve everybody's security, not just those willing to spend money.

Does it fix every possible problem? No. Neither would keyfobs. Security comes in layers, not panaceas.

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