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06-28-2012, 02:31 PM
Originally Posted by matridunadan1 View Post
Those are universal consoles, including the Borg console. It shouldn't be a problem to shuffle them around to make room for your other consoles.

Personally speaking, the Borg shield really is sub-par and not worth the EDCs or shield slot. Plus the weapon power bonus and criticals of the console pretty much guarantees it a permanent slot on my ship.
The problem then begs itself - which do I sacrifice? A field generator, tac console, armor console, or the set? While saucer sep is being taken off over my dead body, the other two almost seem to be a bit of a waste without it. I am also very disinclined to lose the tactical console, as I remember what it was like having the prototype Ody and I'd like more punch to it, and when I tried the Science Ody, Sensor Analysis just wasn't fast enough to cut it.

This is actually something I've considered before, and is in fact one reason I asked this question on the forums in the first place.

Any thoughts on this?