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That's your opinion, obviously some people do feel grifted. The vast majority of the complaint posts I've read I consider to be constructive. Let me ask you, does a blanket "stop whining and get over it" statement seem constructive when it applies to so few of the posters? The generalizing of an entire group is my only real complaint, and I'm sure you and others didn't intend to be all-inclusive, but to me at least it read that way.
I guess we have different views on being ripped off then. Personally I don't see where people have been swindled, bamboozled and left to to the poorhouse. The new forums are now a WIP again. But its still a forum. I'm still communicating with you after all. I just don't have a custom avatar.

People want an apology, sure, from PR sense that'd be smart, and Al Rivera already did so on the last POne podcast, even though it wasn't his beat.

PWE themselves not giving an apology doesn't put them in my cool book, but I haven't been ripped off. It just means more work for them if they want to have the STO players on their side giving them props.

As far as constructive criticism, I'll show you the difference.

Start from page 1 of this thread. See all the jibba jabba conjecture about PWE turning this forum into a microtransaction hell just so they can laugh at robbing us of our paycheck moneys? That's not constructive.

Title should say "Warping Backward."

Forum blunders, transition blunders, devs leaving, a very angry community treated like lab rats seeing how much bull we can put up with. There is no bright future for this game if nonsense like this keeps happening.

This I.P. deserves much more than it's getting, yet you (Cryptic and PWE) continue to treat it and its community like garbage.
Well Cryptic you have failed yet again...

For two years you have made promises, said this or that was being worked on to be added in the future.

And failed time and time again. This time was the one that has and is running off your PAYING CUSTOMERS!

When are your overlords going to get a CLUE.

The Star Trek FanBase that makes up a vast majority of the players of STO is pissed off at this UNANNOUNCED forum change.

And you post a meaningless apology that was probably scripted by your PWE overlords across the sea.

I for one will not spend one more dime on a PWE controlled game EVER!
Because the community here is not listened to if anything we are ignored by Cryptic and PWE. Especially when we voice our concerns and complaints..
That's not constructive. It's *****ing. It's what you don't want to come home to after a hard day's work. I don't like *****es. *****es get stitches.

Now this;

Now that's a thread that centersolace has kindly made. A bulletpoint list of things that can potentially be worked on. I could care less if they added a bunch of whining in it. But something that can be referenced and be marked off. That's constructive.

Why so? Because look, Branflakes is actually doing stuff to mark things off the list.
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