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04-05-2009, 07:04 AM
Originally Posted by AaronH View Post
Data as captain of the enterprise: Meh. Don't really like it I think.
It actually makes the most sense. I mean think about it. Would it be justice for anyone other than a familiar Enterprise crew member to be put in command of the Enterprise? In real life, maybe. But in terms of Star Trek storytelling, I would want to see a character I know and like to be promoted to the role.

Now that Data is himself again, It is apropriate that he be the one. Having served all those years under Picard, always observing and learning what it means to be a Starship captain, and with emotional awareness to lend itself to the moral and ethical choices already facilitated by Data's own programming, He now has balanced the "human equation".

Even before the emotion chip, we have seen Data successfully in command. We have also seen him successfully cary out diplomatic missions. Also, as an impartial individual, we have seen him give advice to others that, while lacking in emotional understanding, is not always unsound.

He's also the only TNG character that has not already been given something important to do.

I'm wondering if Brent Spiner would do the voice of Data for the game.