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04-05-2009, 07:54 AM
Originally Posted by CherryTerri View Post
I think that is what they are trying to portray. Kind of like that game "So You Want to be a Hero?" where you choose to start as fighter/thief/mage and the game is completely the same, except you solve riddles based on what you are (fighter would kick down a door, thief would pick same door's lock, mage would enchant a guard to unlock same door)
While I hope that is the basis, I don't want to see such a clear division between the career paths. Picard did not defeat the Borg by throwing ancient tablets at them.

What I would want to see is were we are all Captains first, and our careers second. So when facing a Borg cube, we all still have to use 'violence' to defeat them -- but our career path offers an edge in how effective we are in our approach -- but in the end, we are still shooting them to pieces.