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06-28-2012, 07:02 PM
Hi Captains,

There seems to be some confusion. These questions and answers should help:

Q: I use a wide range of IPs through my ISP, and change it frequently. It sounds like I will need to opt-out of Account Guard because I am easily going to be hitting the max IPs allowed?

A: Users with changing IPs on a single computer will not need to opt out of Account Guard. Account Guard performs its security checks against your computer or your web browser, not the originating IP. Your last originating IP, however, will be visible to you under the "Manage Account Guard" on the Cryptic Billing Portal.

Q: When this get implemented to the game, am I going to have to alt-tab out of the game to get this code? If so, can this be added to the launcher instead?

A: Account Guard, which is currently available on our test shards, will be implemented into our main clients in the near future. When that happens, users will receive an e-mailed code to proceed into the game. However, once the code is entered, Account Guard will work silently to verify the security of your account whenever you log in from that computer, regardless of its originating IP. A new code will only be required when you log in from a different computer.

Q: Do we have to enter a code every time we enter the game or website, or does it just apply when buying ZEN?

A: As of 6/28/2012, the web portion of Account Guard is only active on the Cryptic Billing Platform ( The Cryptic Billing Platform allows you to manage your secure account information, and can be accessed from your account page on the Perfect World Website. Once you have saved a web browser (Billing Platform) and a computer (Game Client), you will not need to submit another Account Guard code unless you change computers (for game logins), or clear your specific browser's cookies (for Cryptic Billing Platform logins on the web).

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