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Originally Posted by evil70th View Post
I'm glad I could help with your mission.

There was no indication of a way to end the mission. I thought it would be when I beamed the K'rek to the Bortas but nothing happened. I thought there was no end since you had dialogue on the previous map that stated "By the way, the Qo'noS mission is completely optional and you may warp out of it as soon as you arrive if desired". I suspect the trigger you set does not function the way you planned.

As always, everything in my reports are suggestions. You are free to do with them as you like.

Thanks for the note about Word, but it was never a problem before the switch so I suspect it is whatever the forum formatting is. Regardless I appreciate the heads up and I will watch it more closely next report.
Yes, I put a Reach Marker objective flat on the player's spawn and gave it a wide radius, but I guess it didn't work.
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