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06-29-2012, 02:36 AM
I couldnt figure it out in a couple minutes, so I gave up, its not worth the hassle for a little bit of game fluff.

Here is what I expect as a busy person with a fistfull of dollars:

1: Log in
2: Here are the points, this is what they cost, click here to buy them.
3: Enter your CC number, or some other janky payment method
4: Thank you, come again. STO points are available for you to spend now.

Now I have to convert from cad to us to zen to cp, and its just this convoluted process that just seems suspiciously dishonest, which is consistant with any company aligning themselves with the 'win a free ipod' survey garbage.

Would have liked to spend some money on this fun little game, but I guess I will spend it somewhere else.