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Originally Posted by pulserazor View Post
This seems like a huge pain in the ass, and is probably a deal breaker for me not to ever sink money into this game, shame for you, because I probably would buy all kinds of fluff if it were easier.

"Buying ZEN for the first time can be a little overwhelming"

I laughed at that part.

I cant even find a place where I can see how many zen points each $ gets so I can do another conversion into c-points, also, I am reluctant to do any business with a company that affiliates itself with that 'win a free ipod' survey garbage. Peanuts indeed.
When you go too and choose Charge Zen (or just the link at the very top) it tells you the break down of how much zen you get per USD.

However the going rate is 1 USD = 100 Zen
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