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I was relatively lucky, in that most of the ships I want to use are already available at max level(I don't see the point of pretending the game is TOS or TNG frankly, I want to enjoy the 2409 setting), but I still didn't like the idea of just switching between ships, so I have two characters;

My "Vice Admiral" tactical officer is played as a Commander in command of an assault team, part of the force of STAC(Starfleet Tactical Assault Command; I can't stand the revival of the MACOs either, leave the past in the past, or the holodeck, IMO) troops assigned to the USS Caestus(Heavy Escort Carrier). If I fancy switching to a cruiser or a more traditional escort, then I'm not actually captaining a different ship, my STAC team has just been attached to that ship for the mission/campaign at hand. I have a unique set of boffs for each ship, and I name my boffs in a "[rank] [surname]" format, so I just call one of them "Captain [surname]". You have to ignore some stuff("Hello Rear Admiral, Lower Half, can you help my colony fend off....blah blah" is one, and the boff named as the Captain calling me "sir"), but I find it's easier to suspend my disbelief in that manner than it is to constantly come up with reasons why I'm being switched about to command five different ships. The only ship that is actually "his" is the Acinaces, which is the team's Yellowstone runabout.

My Science officer is the Captain of the USS Aldrovandi, and that's the ship he'll fly for the forseeable. I had intended the Aldrovandi to be a Nebula-refit(well actually, I intended it to be a Vesta class, but Cryptic are still dragging their heels on that one *hint hint nudge nudge*), but the Odyssey is calling to me, so we'll have to see

I do hope that if and when they advance the levels further, they don't -force- us to become Fleet Admirals, I've no desire to be an Admiral at all, nevermind being forced to play the game with an AI-controlled fleet just to advance.
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