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Originally Posted by keeny75 View Post
i'm new to carriers and i would like to hear from carrier capitans to see what you think is the most effective fighters.

i have the doh to get a new fighter class but not sure which one does the best job.
attack ships or repair ships.

Advanced peregrines are best for unshielded targets, given that their highest damage dealing weapons (quantum torps) are wasted against shields. They are especially effective in STFs, with unshielded generators, transformers and gates. They die easily though.

Shield regen units are extremely useful for tanking or helping defend someone.

Stalkers are good for disabling someones auxiliary power. Their shield drain attack is only really useful against low shielded opponents.

Danubes are good at bringing a target to a halt, allowing you to pummel it.

Delta Flyers have a nice shield drain skill.

Basically it depends on your situation. However if we're talking out and out DPS, advanced peregrines easily.
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